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Poems About Pet Loss

Poetry is a powerful tool that expresses emotions many of us may feel but can’t find words to match. Below are poems that honor pets and the pet caregivers who love and miss them even years after they have left.


By Kristen Abbott

Last night I dreamt, my precious dog, who passed a day ago
Had come to see me one last time before he went where good dogs go.
I said, as I looked into his eyes, remembering all his days entailed
“I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you. I’m so sorry that I failed.”
My dog immediately shook his head and said “Mom, don’t you see?
You have not let me down or failed. In fact, you won, victoriously.”
“But how?” I asked my sweet, sweet dog, “can you say that I have won?”
“I tried so hard to make you well, and in the end, you’re gone?”
My dog gave me a beaming smile and said “I do recall,
That you gave me the one thing that I wanted most of all.
The only thing I ever really hoped for endlessly
Was to get the chance to live as part of a loving family.
I’ve met so many dogs here with no opportunity
To start each day with knowing that love was a guarantee.
But I was given that great gift and cherished it while I lived
I just wish the other dogs here could have had the life I did.
And all your work to fight my illness , that was not in vain
For each day you fought to give me was another day I gained
The chance to have my belly rubbed, to snuggle and to feel
The joy of seeing all the wonders the treat jar would reveal.
You fought to keep me healthy and by doing so gave to me
The best life I could ask for. Will you claim that victory?”
I hugged my dog and said “But I didn’t get much time with you.
Perhaps I could have tried something else, there’s more that I could do.”
My dog said, “Mom, you did all you could so please don’t hold this guilt.
I don’t mourn the years we’ll never have. I cherish the love we built.
One day of pats and treats and kisses and playing with the cat,
Is more than I could wish for and I got 8 years of that!”
I raised my head and began to feel what my sweet boy was trying to say
“I know you’ll be okay, Mom,” he said, “You always find a way.
So please release your heart from guilt and don’t live in regret.
And use that love to help other dogs. You’ve never failed us yet.”
I began to understand what he wanted me to know
I had fought his illness bravely, and it was okay to let him go.
I wrapped my arms around him, hugged him one more time and then
I said goodbye as he prepared to leave me once again.
But before he trotted away and headed off into the sun,

He turned his head to smile at me and said “Thanks, Mom. Job well done.”

Copyright ©2012 Kristen Abbott, All Rights Reserved

Loving a fur angel…

By: Susan Chambers

When things in your life go horribly horribly wrong,
is when you realize if you’re weak or if you’re strong.

The wanting and wishing that you could go back in time,
be happy again and be pain free, wouldn’t that be sublime.

Then you realize, there is no time machine or other magic way,
to make this nightmare disappear, this is how it’s going to stay.

You struggle to get up each day, and go about your life,
trying to ignore that ache that cuts thru you like a knife.

They say time heals all, the awful memories they will fade,
day by day your heart will heal, new loving memories will be made.

Never will I forget the loves I’ve lost, they have made my life worth while,
I have to hold on long enough, to think about them with a loving smile.

Loss after loss, some folks may wonder why I put myself thru such pain,
the love I receive from each and every furry soul, helps to keep me sane.

So when I reach that rainbow bridge on my chosen day, I’ll be among the best,
we’ll kiss, play, chase balls and lots of squirrels, so for now they need to rest.