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09/26/2001 – 02/06/2019

You were with me for 17 years, 5 months and 5 days. I raised you from when you were 6 weeks old. You came out from under the home I use to live at. You were a little ball of white fluff and looked up at me as if to say “Hi Mom!” You grew into this big fluffy kitty and had the most amazing spirit.. so full of life. At 15 years you became HyperT and we dealt with that. Then you developed a mass on your chest and over time it grew. You could no longer groom yourself and I did my best. Your hunger grew and I fed you every 2-3 hours even at night. You would jump on my bed and woke up to see your beautiful eyes. Sometimes you would stare at me and nuzzle my face and I smiled, stumbled out of bed to feed you and care for you. Little by little I saw you were growing weary. You could no longer jump up on my bed and would sit below it when it was meal time at night. I put off the inevitable decision and the most difficult thing I have ever had to do and that was to release you and send you to Rainbow Bridge. On February 6, 2019 the vets arrived here in our home. I brought you into my bedroom that I had shared with you for so long Pearlie. We all spoke to you for awhile and then they gave you the sedative and I picked you up and lied you in my lap and held you through it all. I spoke to you, telling you that you are my soul kitty and I will love you forever. They gave you the drug to end it but you kept hanging on and I suspect it was for me. Your heart finally stopped and you took a huge part of me with you. The grief is overwhelming Pearlie. In the end you were all I had left. I will love you forever my beautiful sweet, Pearlie. Please know that I did my very best. Come to me in my dreams or let me know you’re here with me still in any way you can. Be at peace my sweet Pearlie and I’ll see you soon at Rainbow Bridge. <3

-Rhiannon James

In Memory of Pearlie

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