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03/12/2011 – 10/24/2019

My precious little Ollie passed away last week Thursday. He’d been unwell for a about 6 weeks with a gastric problem and despite a series of tests, the vets couldn’t properly diagnose the problem. Ollie was in/out of the vets practices about 4 times over that time period, sometimes staying overnight. The vet suggested getting a biopsy done as a more thorough way to find the cause, so after his last bout on Wed. night (23 October), I took him back the following morning. The procedure was done and I was told it was fine. They found no signs of cancer or any obvious disease. Not long after however, he took a turn for the worst and had to be put on oxygen and a blood transfusion. I visited him after work and my poor Ollie was too drugged to shake his tail or even lick me, but i felt he would be ok, despite the vet saying he was critical. 3 hours later I got the call to say he’d passed away. I was so shocked, because I always felt he’d be coming home. Shock immediately gave way to devastation. It’s still hard to accept that my poor boy Ollie is never coming home to us. He was only 8 years old, and I never dreamed he wouldn’t live a long, healthy life. From first thing in the morning, to last thing at night, I think of him. His morning and evening routines are a part of my rhythms. I’ll never see his little face, impatience with hunger when I get home from work, or hear his breathing late at night when I get up to have a drink of water. No more baths, when he would sit patiently by the tub as I ran the water. He will never again sit at my feet, looking at me so lovingly as I sat on the couch. He is buried on one of his beds, in the garden close to our door, so that he will always be near us, which was his favourite place to be. I feel I will never be worthy of his love; he was the sweetest, gentlest little guy who, even when he was unwell, still showed how happy he was to see you. As my mother-in-law said, he was such a good little soul. I’m heartbroken to think that there is nowhere on this earth I can go where I will find him, and every day and night, I listen in our quiet house for his footsteps, his breathing, his puggy snores and I pray his spirit will come to me so that I know he’s right here with me. I expect that one day, I’ll no longer think of him with tears in my eyes and maybe the empty feeling will subside, but I pray that when I too leave this earth, his wonderful spirit will be there to greet me, along with my other beloved family passed on into the Great Beyond.

– Lisa Lambert

In Memory of Ollie

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