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Appropriate Use of our Logo

Please help Day By Day Pet Support manage our brand by following these guidelines:

  • Before using our logo:
    • Obtain approval and get assistance in choosing the best image for your needs.
    • Contact Kathryn Jennings at 484-453-8210 or by email
  • For web links, follow our instructions below.
  • Do not alter our logo in any manner.
  • You may not use our logo in a context that implies sponsorship or endorsement without permission.
  • These policies do not grant a license or any other right to Day By Day Pet Support’s logos or trademarks.

Web: Link our site to your website

The instructions below will make a clickable image that when clicked will go to our our homepage at

  1. Obtain approval.
  2. Copy and paste this code block into your website page:

<a href="" title="Visit Day By Day Pet Support's website">
<img style="border:none" src="" alt="Day By Day Pet Support logo" /></a>

Example: Clickable image – 210 pixels wide by 139 high

Day by Day Pet Support logo

For Print, Black and White, or to render another image

  • Contact Kathryn Jennings with your request at 484-453-8210 or by
  • Include specific information on where you would like to print the Day By Day Pet Support logo.
  • We will assist you in choosing the best image for your needs.