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11/12/2018 – 01/29/2019

Daisy was an angel sent by God. She was there for me whenever I was happy, sad, or mad. She forgave me for my mistakes in an instant. I love everything that she had to offer me whether it was the cuddles we had during the day or the fun times she’d licked my face & bit my fingers. I wasn’t the ‘perfect’ owner that one dog should have but I know I gave you all that I was able to. I love you Daisy. You were my best friend and no other dog shall ever replace you. I won’t ever get over the fact that you’re gone but I soon will accept that you are now with another loving family that will give you the world you deserved all along. Your paw prints sure have left a mark on my heart buddy. xoxo ♥

– Jonathan Hernandez

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