Companions on your journey.

Shelby Lynn

July 22, 2005 – January 20, 2016

I don’t remember the exact date we met but I DO remember that Eden needed a friend. She was just hanging out on the chair in the living room and not doing any dog things. Dogs live longer with friends, so, I sent Grandy to the SPCA to look for a friend for Eden. This was back when it was a “kill shelter” so I didn’t want to go in. Grandy (so strong) came out of the SPCA with “Oreo” and Eden wanted nothing to do with him. Her hair was standing all up…..Finally, I said that I was going in myself….I came to the last ‘apartment’ and you greeted me with quivering lips and 5 frisky puppies. I knew you were the dog for me. Eden and I walked you for the next couple of weeks to get to know each other. We knew you weren’t going anywhere because you were still nursing.

On July 22, 2005, there was a line waiting to get into the shelter. I was going to wait until after work to get to but Grandy said you might be gone. So, I took the day off and got in line. All of your cute puppies were gone. When it was my turn, the shelter guy said, “And you want Mom”. I said, “You bet I do.” and I took you home and you immediately pooped on the carpet. I tried to introduce you to my friend Miss Jenn but you stole her chicken quesadilla. I knew I had my hands full with you.
You have embraced my heart in so many ways that I don’t ever want to love another thing as long as I live.

Dr. Campbell helped you cross the Rainbow Bridge a little after 9 AM today. I couldn’t sleep at all the night before. I just wanted to hold you and listen to you breathe. But you weren’t my dog anymore……you struggled to go outside and you wouldn’t eat. You hurt. He said your blood pressure was dropping and you were dying.

You’re not here and my heart is broken. I feel so helpless. I am looking for you everywhere.

You are in a beautiful spot in Uncle Jim’s ‘pet cemetery’. You are on the edge of the woods next to Eden and Samantha. There are deer that visit and foxes too. It’s beautiful. I would be happy here.
We buried you in your favorite blanket….the one with the white cat that looks like Miguel. I put your bottle of Kocher Park between your paws with two pictures of us together. Oh, how hard this day is……but your Uncle Jim made this so much easier. I love him for that.
Your headstone is the stepping stone we made during one of our craft nights. The forsythia has always been my favorite blossom since it has always represented Spring and rebirth.

I love you my baby girl,,,,,,,,,,,,I am heartbroken…..….please wait for me…

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